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15 Jul
Updates, set schedule & more 7/15/2019
Category: Schedules, Updates
Greetings everyone! We took a small mini break from social media, originally we wanted to cut it off completely to save time, but instead checked it a lot less than we usually d...
10 Jun
Progress, schedule & other updates
Category: Uncategorized
【Progress Last Week】 ★ Completed DXSaturn’s head. ★ Completed Dai.Dai’s head. ★ Completed Silverwolf1122’s armsleeves. ★ Completed Zephiro’s bodysuit. ...
03 Jun
Progress, Commissions Open & Schedule June 3 – June 7
Category: Schedules, Updates
Progress log last week. Greetings everyone! Last week was a bit slow as expected but we still got some things done! 【Completed】 ★ Elixrimutt cel-shaded piece. (This took three...
28 May
May 27 – 31 Schedule + General update
Category: Schedules, Updates
Greetings everyone! Today is our day off for holiday reasons, but we completed a couple sketches for the artwork queue regardless to get that going! We haven’t really post...
20 May
May 20 – 24 Schedule
Category: Schedules
Monday: ★ Line and color Elixirmutt’s art piece. ★ Line and color RyshokkaSyre’s art piece. ★ Mailing remaining enamel pin orders as well as head bases and other shi...
14 May
May 13 – 17 Schedule
Category: Schedules
Monday: ★ 1 fursuit reference sheet.★ Prepare Etsy orders for shipping. (Pins and bases.) Tuesday:★ Blue cut handpaws and tails pieces.(Due to an appointment this day there won&...