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Partial Slots Details

Update to slots: Only one slot remaining.

After some deciding we will offer TWO partial slots for end 2020 completion, unless the fullsuit slot sells first.
The payment will be required in FULL, and therefore will be first come first serve based. Read further if you’re interested in this slot!

Flat price of $1500 including shipping.
* End of 2020 completion.

* Up to four [4] colors. (If there are more colors we can discuss prices.)
* Any species with a muzzle, canine preferred but welcome other species too. (No monkeys, humans etc)
* Hair poofs are included, if it’s full stylized hair there may be an additional fee.
* No fleece or minky fabrics for this slot. Accents are ok like feathers, claws and horns, just not full fleece/minky suits.
* No full complex markings, stripes or spots such as tigers, cheetahs, snow leopards etc. This requires too much handsewing to complete in a timely manner.
* You have the choice of two options, Toony OR Realistic;

* Foam head with follow me eyes OR 2D eyes, full lining, and built-in fan.
* Puffy handpaws with minky or fleece claws depending on color. (Or regular 4-finger paws)
* Lined armsleeves to go partial.
* 3-foot tail

* Resin head with resin follow-me eyes, LEDs, full lining and installed fan. (Whiskers can be added if desired.)
* 5-fingered handpaws with resin claws.
* Lined armsleeves to go partial.
* 3-foot tail

We can mix and match one from the other if you like, but these are the most optimal choices based on build and looks.
Small feetpaws with claws and outdoor pads can be added for $250, larger ones for $300.

Interested? Email us at [email protected] for questions or inquiries! Make sure to attach a reference of your character for approval and any other comments you may have.