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Caring for your flock!


It is important that you have a handler/spotter with you at all times. This person is responsible for looking out for things that you can’t see. Such as small children approaching you that may be out of your field of vision. Your handler is also responsible for you to stay hydrated and ask frequently if you are doing okay.

Your handler should be someone you trust and that can speak for you should you decide to remain a silent suiter that doesn’t talk.
Make sure they carry at least a water bottle with them for you, a quick snack like protein bars and a cell phone should things go wrong.

Disinfectant Spray

This is a must have for fursuiters. If you don’t treat your suit with disinfectant spray, bacteria will occur and leave a bad odor.

You can make this spray by using 70-80% rubbing alcohol and water. We use a 50/50 of both to mix together in a spray bottle.
After wearing your suit parts turn them inside out and spray them thoroughly.

DO NOT store your suit in a non ventilated area right after usage. (A box, bag, trunk etc)
This will prevent the parts from drying properly and will build up mold fast. It is suggested to ventilated everything before storing it away.

Putting on Parts

Don’t pull heads down/off by the ears! Hold it by the neck fur and pull it down to put on, or hold both hands at the cheeks to pull off your head. You can also hold the muzzle for removal or putting on. It is suggested to check the head for unwanted parts that may have found their way in. (Such as fluff and other fur)

Hold the wrist cuffs and push your hands through. Wiggle your fingers to the right position for the handpaws until it fits nice and snug. Take the other paw and repeat the same steps. Should you have difficulties you can always ask someone to hold the paws at the wrist and let you put your hand in there.

Put the feetpaws on like you would with your shoes by holding the end of the heel and slip your feet in. My feetpaws are always built on shoes so this is the same method as with normal shoes. Some customers have requested crocs to avoid the hassle and just slip the feet in.

Out of suit just put your belt halfway through the loops of your pants, then slip the tail on and push the belt through the other half of them so they’re secured on your pants. For a fullsuit put loops of the tail on the belt and push it through the tail hole on the back of the bodysuit, then buckle it up around your waist so it’s positioned right.

Make sure the zipper is all the way down. If you leave it up a bit and force your way in you may end up breaking it.
Put your legs in first, buckle up the tail around your waist, then put in your arms, and then zip it close.
Under Armor for the bodysuit should be acquired, it helps keeping cooler and avoids direct touch with the backing of the fur to your skin.


You can use any type of brush you want to use.
We personally prefer this type of brush because it doesn’t pull out the fur as much as slicker brushes.
You can use the slicker brush that looks like this, but it is suggest that you brush with it the other direction to avoid pulling fur out. (Facing the brush upside down and going with the fur direction.) Remember that the fur doesn’t grow back and if you keep pulling fur out it will bald over time.


Suits will have wear and tear after hours of use, this is normal with any suit or wearable item. We provide mini repair kits with heads, partials or fullsuit orders. The stitching we use for handsewing is called a blanket-stitch. It’s very simplistic and anyone can do this kind of stitch.

If you have silicone pawpads, claws or other things that require glue, we recommend Krazy Glue for gluing claws back in handpaws.
You can also use hotglue or E6000 to glue parts back but aren’t as effective.

We have a 90-day warranty on our suits, if there is any damage we will repair it for free, unless the damage was caused by not being careful with your fursuit. (Such as letting other people try it on, wearing indoor feetpaws outdoors etc) Anything after 90 days will result to costing repair fees depending on damage.


If you are going by car and are handling the suit yourself, you can just use a regular storage bin to store everything in! These can be bought at hardware stores and places like Walmart.

If you are flying we recommend a hard-cased suitcase to put everything BUT the head in. Take the head as a carry on at all cost, since those working at the airport won’t be gentle with your luggage and just throw it around. Resin based heads are especially fragile for this method and should be taken as a carry-on item so you can handle it yourself. Same goes for bus or train transport as well!

Spot Cleaning

Small spots are easy to take care of and to dry. This method is recommended for the heads since you cannot wash an entire head because of the eyes. (Unless it’s a resin type head.)

  1. Buy a spot cleaner product that has low chemicals. (Folex is recommended.)
  2. Gently rinse some lukewarm water over the spot to make it wet. (Some brands don’t require rinsing but it helps for better results.)
  3. Take your spot cleaner and follow the instructions for the spot.
  4. Once done gently rinse the spot again until the cleaner is washed out.
  5. When the water is clear, hang it on a roster type racket or cloth hanger. (For heads just put it on top of a fan.)
  6. When it’s dry, take a brush and brush out the spot where you cleaned it.


​Buy low chemical detergent like woolite. Do not get detergent that has bleach as it will ruin the fur. It is suggest to test out a very small portion first before washing the full thing.

  • Washing machine:
    Always use the gentle cycle and make sure to avoid hot water. Our suits can handle cold and lukewarm water but not hot.
    Do not wash anything with airbrushing as it will fade away.
  • 1. Put everything in the washing machine inside out and set it on a gentle cycle.
    2. Follow directions of the detergent.
    3. For a faster dry result, put everything on spin cycle for a couple times to get more water out.
  • Handwash:
    Use a bathtub or large plastic tote. If you can’t lift things it is suggested you acquire help as wet fur gets really heavy.
    1. Put your parts in the tote (inside out)
    2. Add water until everything is merged in the water.
    3. Stop adding water and swish the parts around, squeeze them as well to get the water everywhere.
    4. Drain the water and repeat step 2, in the meantime add detergent to rub into the suit parts and let it sit for 20 minutes.
    5. Drain the water again and rinse with water until no soap water is visible.
  • Put all your parts normal side out again. (Fur on the outside)
  • Hang it over a chair, roster or something else to let it dry. For faster process have a fan on the highest setting blow over it.
    Do not hang fur directly in the sun or somewhere with high heat.
    Avoid hanging suit parts from one point that results to weighing them down. This will cause stretching and cannot be fixed.
    You can buy cheap drying racks to lay your suit over, just make sure to lay a towel underneath since your suit will drip a lot.
  • After a couple hours it should be all dry and clean again!
  • Dryer: We strongly do not recommend dryers unless you are absolutely sure it as a “no heat” option. If you put your parts in a dryer with heat, the fibers on the fur will melt and become a very rough texture that cannot be fixed, and requires an entire replacement of the suit.