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Questions? We've got answers.

Where do you get your materials?
Various online and local stores. We don’t have any benefits of telling others where we get our materials and do not wish to cause competition on acquiring said materials by having more people know about locations thereof.

Can you teach me how to make X or Y?
We do not get paid to teach others how to make things, therefore there is no benefit in us trying to help others with their work and creating possible competition for our work. Do your research online like we did and test out different things.

Do you use any sharp parts on your costumes?
The only sharp parts that exist on our costumes are flat screws in resin-based heads. They will be covered with material to avoid any damage or injuries.

How well is the vision in your heads?
Toony heads have a great variety in vision depending on eye style requested, expression and species. They generally only have a lower and middle blind spot. Realistic heads that have resin eyes have a very small vision and will require a handler for you. Visions for realistic heads are through their tear ducts that are about 1.5 inch wide. We are trying to improve the vision by cutting away more resin parts without looking awkward.

What about ventilation?
Customers that have bought our toony heads have complimented on the ventilation every time. We make sure the mouth stays permanently open for a good airflow and a cute happy expression. For resin heads the airflow is blocked off unless you open the mouth manually.

How long do your parts last?
Depends how many hours you use them and how much you take care of it. Our personal costumes have lasted us years with minimal repairs after hours of wearing. Generally all parts are good for a couple years unless not taken good care of.