Commission Process

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So! You want to join our flock?

We’re delighted to hear that! We ask that you please read our guide below here, and our Terms of Service to ensure you know what your commission experience will entail! We know it’s a lot of boring rules, semi-legal language, and instructions – but it’s all to make this process easier for everyone and help you get your suit sooner! We can’t wait to bring your character to life!

Character Concept

The first thing we’ll need with you is a reference for the character you’d like to be made real! This generally just needs to be a flat colored front and back view of the character. Note that we’d prefer a side view if there are markings that cannot be properly seen from just a front and back pose!

Above is an example of what your reference sheet should look like in general! Don’t have one? Xeshaire offers fursuit reference commissions!

If you’d like an artistic liberty costume, we will use a base and design a character based on the species and colors you’ve chosen and provided. The markings will be unique and at the hands of the artist creating your character – it will always be unique!

Sending a Quote

When sending a quote – expect us to get back to you within 1-5 business days. We will provide you with an estimate – this is NOT a hard price, and can vary depending on what you change, add, or explain to us later upon accepting your quote.

All quotes expire after 30 days. This means that your quote is no longer valid – and you will need to get a fresh quote from us before proceeding. We apologize for any inconvenience – but this is to keep our pricing appropriate to any improvements in quality, materials or methods of creation. Please let us know in a reply if you aren’t able to afford the quoted price at this time – no worries!

I’ve been Approved! What now?

When both Cawstumes and the customer have agreed on the quoted price, an invoice will be sent within 1-3 days of approval.

You are expected to pay 30% of the deposit within one week, or you risk the commission being canceled. If you encounter financial hardships within this period, please contact us as soon as possible, we cannot guarantee your commission slot if this occurs – but by contacting us we may be able to work something out.

Once the first 30% of the deposit has been paid, we expect the next payment either in the two weeks or next month following the first payment – depending on if you have chosen to pay bi-weekly or monthly. Any late payments will result in a 5% fee being added to the initial transaction. Please schedule your payments so both parties don’t need to wait!

When the deposit has been paid in full, you will be added to the ‘payment plan’ queue. These customers are all listed, and any of them can jump into the active production queue once they have been paid off.

For example, if four people are paying off suits – but you have paid in full, you will skip the line ahead of those four, and your suit will be done sooner! We generally recommend paying off things as soon as possible, fewer transactions are quicker, easier, and overall much better for both parties!

I’ve Paid off my Commission! Now what?

We’re glad! When you’ve paid off your entire commission – you will be added to the official queue and be at the top of the line with anyone else who has also paid in full. Our production queue follows a first paid, first served basis. You can check your suit’s status and see what’s done, here!

Unfortunately, we no longer accept deadlines to avoid any delays in other projects – and to reduce stress and workload. We don’t want to rush and sacrifice quality!

Queue Process, and Progress Updates

Please note that with our queue, it’s often a full queue, which can have wait times upwards of a year (or more). We are constantly trying to improve waiting times with each suit, but emergencies can cause delays – we apologize if you have experienced any delays, or aren’t happy with the waiting time on your suit. Please also understand that Xeshaire also juggles an art queue as well, so multiple projects are often on the table any given week!

We can be a bit silent until we get to your slot, but we do release update newsletters from time to time, but if you have any questions or just want to see how far you are down the queue – our communication is open! We generally don’t have much to say until we have updates available, but please know we are here if you need us!

During the queue process, work in progress updates will be sent to our customers, and occasionally posted on our Telegram, Twitter and Facebook.

During the production process – we do allow minor changes to your character design, but please understand if the changes are too significant, it may result in fees to allow Cawstumes to purchase new fur, to redo work on parts, or to add more complexity to the character. We recommend having your character design fully developed before commissioning us!

It’s Done! Your Suit is Done!

Your commission is done and it’s time for them to come home to you! We provide tracking numbers for both domestic and international shipments. This is provided to ensure that both Cawstumes and the customer know where the package is, and who to contact if it becomes lost in transit. Please, check tracking daily, despite the estimated delivery date – as sometimes shipments can arrive early, or late!

All of our shipments require signatures, which will require someone to sign for the delivery so it isn’t just left at the door, in the weather and out in the open, where someone might attempt to steal it.

Please let us know as soon as you get the package! If you’re a brave soul, feel free to record yourself unboxing it and share it with us! We love seeing unboxing videos of our completed projects, especially the smiles that the owners have when seeing their new suits – warms our hardworking hearts! Of course, you don’t have to, but we really do love seeing unboxings of suits we’ve made. ♡

Please try everything on and see how it fits! We always work with the measurements given, so if anything is wrong with your suit measurement-wise, odds are it was the measurements (or the DTD you sent us) wasn’t accurate. We will happily fix it for you for FREE if you send it back within 7 days, but you will need to pay the shipping costs to us to ship it back to you.

If you require any changes that were not the fault of Cawstumes, we will charge fees depending on the changes required.

If you’re happy with everything – great! We hope you’ll take and post some photos if your new suit online and tag us – on Twitter or on Facebook, we love seeing our customers enjoy their suits!

Keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook or Furaffinity for updates on conventions we’ll be attending, we often host Cawstumes Photoshoots at the cons we attend! It’s generally a 30-40 minute process at a time when no primary con events are scheduled. We love getting our flock together for a big group photo!