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We all hate fine print, but please! Read these terms.

Will do: 

  • Anthro
  • Feral
  • Fantasy creatures
  • Couples
  • Mild gore
  • 18+ work

Might do:

  • Vore
  • Comics
  • Humans
  • Guns/Weapons
  • TV Show Styles
  • More than 4 characters

Won’t do:

  • Watersport/scat
  • Robots/transformers
  • Cub/underage porn
  • Hyper
  • ​Goo/puddle/absorption​
  • Fat
  • Vehicles
  • Snuff/death related themes

1. General

  1. Unauthorized use of our artwork is prohibited. (see Section 5: Artist and Customer rights for more info.)
  2. Must be 18 years of age or older to commission pornographic artwork.
  3. We retain the right to decline a commission for any reason.
  4. We retain the right to cancel commissions as we see appropriate (see Section 3: Payment for refunds).
  5. You can check your art’s status and progress on each card (see Section 4.1 for queue information).
  6. Attempts to rush us without paying a deadline fee will result in commission termination and a refund. (see Section 3: Payment for refunds).



2. Character References

  1. More than two mandatory references incur additional fees. Adds approximately +10%, based on complexity.
  2. An appropriate sized, colored and designed reference sheet is required to complete the artwork.
  3. For descriptions use form to fill out your character information. Working from a description is +15% extra to the total.
  4. We or not liable for wrong colors if too many references are sent or if the color palette is unclear. If the customer does not provide a clear color palette we try our best to match the closest color(s) possible.Reference requirements:
  • Must be flat colored. No shading. Cel-shading is okay to a degree depending on details.
  • Must be full body reference.
  • Must have at least one full front view, or side view if the character is symmetrical.
  • Please send the largest reference file in png format.
  • We will not work with Second Life or other in-game screenshots as references.
  • We will not work with fursuit photographs as a reference unless the markings are generic/simple enough to tell where they go.



3. Payment

  1. Accepted payment methods: PayPal and cash at events we attend (physical receipts are provided in-person for cash transactions).
  2. We require full payment before the customer is appended to the queue.
  3. A payment plan can be discussed for items exceeding $150.
  4. A customer’s right to a refund:
    a) A full refund will only be issued if a sketch hasn’t been approved.
    b) A partial refund based on the overall progress made.
  5. Changes to the work while it’s in progress or completed will result in additional fees.



4. Art Progress

  1. Queue can be found here. All work in progresses will be uploaded to the queue card.
  2. The customer receives a sketch for approval, unless the commission offer specified otherwise. During the sketch phase you can request up to three changes. Any declined sketches will be auctioned off to the public and the customer has no authorized rights to these sketches anymore.
  3. Work can take a week to several months to complete based on queue length.
  4. Deadline fees ranging from +20% to +80% are offered to customers based on how soon they want work completed.



5. Customer and Artist rights

  1. Customers retain the right to upload their completed commission with the following requirements:
    a) Credit must be given to Xeshaire Creations (e.g. “Artwork by Xeshaire at www.cawstumes.com”, preferably using tags for our username).
    b) Only the watermarked version may be uploaded. The high resolution, unwatermarked version is to be kept private.
  2. Customers do not have the right to alter works without authorization.
  3. Profit off of our creations is prohibited. No making prints, selling shirts, etc..
    This does not apply to bases we sell (see Base ToS below for their Terms).
  4. We do not give out .PSD/raw files of commission work.
  5. The artist has the right to upload any artwork to their portfolio and online art websites.
  6. Customers have the option to keep artwork private by paying an additional 100% on top of the total price.


Bases & Templates Terms of Service

Bases can be purchased on my Sellfy store!

  • ​No refunds will be given once purchased.
  • You may not pass on the files to someone else, the fee for the base is the license right to use the base, anyone else that hasn’t bought the base is prohibited of using it.
  • Give credit every time you use it, by using “Base by @/xeshaire” without the dash. Or link to my website: https://www.cawstumes.com


  • Use for adoptables, customs, trades, gifts or commission recolors.
  • Edit the lines as you like.
  • Use it anywhere you like, credit must remain on the image/in the description.


  • Don’t claim as your own
  • Don’t upload without credit, CREDIT IS A MUST.
  • Don’t remove the watermark, move it somewhere else if needed. It MUST be visible.
  • Don’t upload the blank version to show as example what you have as collection. Use my base preview submission instead or color it as something else. People save the blank version and color it without paying the license fee.
  • Do no redistribute my bases anywhere.
  • Commercial usage to sell t-shirts, prints, stickers or any other shape or form of my line work is PROHIBITED. (This includes finished colored work.) The bases are for digital profit only within above rules, not physical.

Adoptable/Design Terms of Service