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We make Fursuits and Artwork!

Xeshaire has been drawing since 2009, and has completed hundreds of artwork pieces – all of varying styles, formats and content! Cawstumes was started in 2014 under the name Xeshaire’s Creations, and later Chirpystumes, and has been making fursuits ever since. Critters of any and all kinds are welcome – Xesh will happily try any species that comes her way, be it with art or with fursuits!

With time and experience, Xesh has improved both with her artwork and craftsmanship – each month learning something new to add or implement. Each project takes its own time, and she ensures that each one is as important as the last, making sure it’s worth the wait. All requests from the client are heard and will be implemented within the project!

Why the name Cawstumes? Well first, a short and rememberable name is key! We wanted something that is easy to remember – and plays to a pun with it’s name. For those who aren’t familiar with the species, corvids (look at our mascot Dusk – she’s one!), make a ‘caw’ sound – and it goes well with the “costumes” that we create! So we’ve combined both of them, and that helped create Dusk and our logo!

Xeshaire’s name has been a made-up name since early 2009 – and has kind of stuck with her ever since. She also goes by the nickname Xesh for short, as well as Rin or Haruki – two of her other fursonas. She has no preference on name, all are fine! Currently, there is no new design for Xeshaire herself – as the old one was sold in 2018.

So if you see the orange/blue critter running around – that’s no longer Xesh herself! You can often see her suiting as Haruki – a vixen suit you can see here on the right!

Quality is our priority – and we want to make sure that what you get is worth the wait, so we might take our time with our process rather than rush it! If you have any questions or comments, you can check out the contact page to reach us!

– Xeshaire

Photograph of Haruki by Sven Fennec! Fursuit by Cawstumes