January Update

January Update

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Happy new year everyone!
It’s already 2020, last year flew by so fast without even noticing it! Where has time gone?

The year has started with a lot new progress! We finally managed to get the casts from the canine mold to settle properly without having air pockets in it to a point it is barely usable. We will cast a few extras over the weekend to sell on Etsy, so if you’re interested keep an eye on our store!

We also adapted to a new strict schedule and have set times when we reply to messages. We will check messages twice a day, in the morning and at the end of our work shifts. We’re mixing both art and fursuit making into our shifts so that we don’t burn out from one or the other. So far it’s been going great and we’re happy with the progress so far. There will be daily WIPs on our Telegram Channel and Discord Server, except for weekends unless we choose to work those times.

We updated our artwork page with new examples, and updated the measuring guide to match the description accordingly. We still need to update our fursuit examples and some general info on the page, that’s to come later this week.

Some upcoming stuff:
Moving bases from Sellfy to a different site. It has yet to be determined which but we’re leaning towards Gumroad. Once you made an account on Gumroad you can go to your library for what you purchased and re-download again. Gumroad also has the option to add multiple bases to a cart and then hit check out for all of them at once, opposed to Sellfy that you have to do one by one.

We’re going to add a monthly base to said store, highest tier Patrons get them for free plus other perks such as art rewards! All content is posted in the Discord server to avoid people pledging once and snatching everything. The channels are cleared at the end of the month to make room for next month’s content.

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