December Update + 2020 updates

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December Update + 2020 updates

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Greetings everyone! We apologize for not using this blog more than we should. Here are some quick updates for you all!
We also want to address the current issue with the [email protected] email, it has been resolved as of now and it should be working again. We had issues with the GSuite subscription which has been handled correctly.

Art & Fursuit Updates

  • We are attempting to complete the art queue this month. There are 3 detailed art pieces on there that may be completed in January instead. The new commissions that were added today will be completed in January, some will be started this month.
  • We ran into some issues with our mold not working correctly, that or the casting supplies. We bought new supplies recently and will try casting new bases soon. The old ones shriveled up or had large air pockets everywhere.
  • We are completing the current parts in the in-progress queue this month, as well as Tokala’s fullsuit commission which just needs the sandals and head. IIIIX’s bodysuit, handpaws, and feetpaws will be completed this month as well and will see if we can finish the head before the month is up.

2020 Updates

Starting Monday we will be working with a more strict schedule for fursuit making. It’s essentially a 2020 goal but we don’t want to delay it until then if we can start it sooner. We tend to complete artwork and then work on fursuit work, it will be done the other way around instead where a certain amount of hours are set for a project a day, that way we will balance out the work hours more. We have been making the mistake of setting up tasks for certain days and end up not finishing what we had planned due to underestimating how long certain tasks take. So instead we will plan things like work X hours on Y project and post the progress in our Telegram Channel and Discord.

We are attempting to finish our entire queue in 2020 by doing it this way. We will still create pre-made partials over weekends to sell as we did with our last one. The funds help to avoid having to open more art commissions and create a non-ending queue. We learned from our mistakes and strive to seek out solutions to these problems. We’re not sure if we will do custom commissions again, but if we do it would be in batches of three at most. We made a huge mistake of taking on this many projects to make everyone happy that their character is being brought to life, but we need to start declining offers and be so accepting of taking on more.

We want to formally apologize to everyone who has been waiting for so long. It’s never been our intention to take this long with commissions, and with life events having happened the last three years it hasn’t been easy to work off what’s owed. This will be a huge change this coming year and we hope to recover from our mistakes as soon as we can.
On a positive side for the long wait, we have improved in our quality over that time and customers will receive a better quality fursuit than from the initial commission day!

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