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Regarding ETAs

Posted by: Xesh
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Greetings everyone!

Today we have decided to reset the ETAs we had previously given, this includes artwork and fursuit work. We made a mistake of underestimating our work schedule, and plan to finish a lot of things when we can only finish half of what was planned. This then cascades into delays of the ETAs since some projects are taking much longer than we guessed, or personal issues occur like getting sick, emergencies, etc.

We are working with a more organized schedule similar to a Gant chart. To avoid the same mistake, we can’t give ETAs further than a month since we only schedule work for the current month. We prefer not to send out ETAs since some see this estimate as a hard deadline, which it is not. Our ETAs are roughly estimated completion times and may or may not get delayed.

We understand conventions are around the corner and everyone is excited to suit for it, but we can’t guarantee deadlines anymore since it messes with our schedule, health, and quality of the fursuit. This is something we don’t want to risk and would prefer to deliver top-notch quality which cannot be achieved when rushed. Over the last year, we have learned a lot of new techniques that make the finish look better than from the day it was commissioned, for example, nicer cuff edges on handpaws, feetpaws, and bodysuits. Zippers are also now fully lined and will avoid snagging fur as much compared to the old style zipper we used to do.

Another mistake we have learned from is to no longer multi-task multiple projects at once. It’s a little chaotic to keep track of and makes the projects feel like they take longer up until we finish them all at once. So after the in-progress cards are completed on our queue, we will be working on one suit at a time to keep the focus on it and finish it ASAP.

Author: Xesh

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