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Quick Update

Posted by: Xesh
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Greetings everyone!

We’re posting a quick update as to where we are with some projects. The last couple of weeks we have been completing as much artwork as possible to get the art queue done and get a better focus on the fursuit projects. The queue may seem long for art but most of the projects are two hours or less work so it will be done fairly quickly.

For fursuits here is what we have so far since the last update:
* Completed Marty’s refurbishment.
* Completed FebiiWolgon’s harness set.
* Completed Silvergriffin21’s feetpaws.
* Cut pieces for Zephiro’s head.
* Sewed more spots for Neliah’s bodysuit, we’re hoping to complete this ASAP since it’s a lot of work.
* Managed to remove the mold and shell from the sculpt so we can touch it up and re-try again. It took a lot of work to get it out but at last, we can continue with the new mold.

We will try to keep up with work in progress photos and post them, but we prefer to just continue with the projects. We attach them to our queue cards which is our most up-to-date place with photos.

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