Updates, set schedule & more 7/15/2019

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Updates, set schedule & more 7/15/2019

Posted by: Xesh
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Greetings everyone!

We took a small mini break from social media, originally we wanted to cut it off completely to save time, but instead checked it a lot less than we usually do. We have a habit to keep checking for messages and other stuff that isn’t quite productive to artwork or fursuit making. We’re going to change how often we check platforms to increase productivity and workflow. The workroom has been modified a bit to help with organizing tools and much more, so we feel more confident in working on projects as everything is displayed nicely. We apologize if this break had caused any inconveniences, we are back to a normal schedule and all!

We are going back to a set schedule, but instead of having daily projects, it will be set projects in order to be completed by. We realized that working on multiple projects at once is a little chaotic as we tried to satisfy multiple people at once. This caused delays in getting everything done for the day since some things took longer than we thought it would. Finishing one project at a time helps us keep the focus on the projects and complete them ASAP. It is nice to send out multiple works in progress pictures at once, but it looks like we don’t get much done in terms of project cards on our queue until we’re nearly finished with all the projects.

As to another note, we know we have a lot on our plate, all we can ask for is patience or offer a refund. We’re doing our best to complete everything as soon as we are able to. We never intend to take long on purpose, however, we can guarantee the quality has improved from the day of purchase since over time we figure out new techniques that improve the quality a lot, whether it be small tricks, new equipment or pattern.

Work Schedule
We’re going to list a few projects that we hope to complete this week, in order to be completed by:
★ New head mold. The old one ended up breaking. The new mold will be smoother and sturdier as we learned a few techniques to improve from the last one.
★ Silvergriffin21 feetpaws.
★ Zephiro head and feetpaws.
★ Marty’s refurbishment project.
★ RyshokkaSyre cel-shaded piece.
★ Rodrickrosewood sketch commission.
If time allows more will be completed from the artwork queue.

Regarding Commissions
We have closed all commission applications, those that have sent in a request before this announcement will be contacted. We will open again once our queue is a bit downsized or unless emergencies occur. For artwork it will probably be a month or two, fursuit parts about half a year, any fursuit commission with a head are closed indefinitely.

Author: Xesh

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