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New Queue Update

Posted by: Xesh
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Greetings everyone!

We have noticed that Trello had a new upgrade available which is named Planyway. It’s similar to a Gant chart where you can assign certain projects for certain days. Unfortunately, it seems like the Gant chart won’t show for the public, but does show “due dates” for each project assigned. These “due dates” are not to be confused with deadlines, these are simply estimated on our end to get some planning going. There WILL be some delays in our own estimates as real-life issues do come up.

This way we can be a bit more realistic with planning our projects since before we just estimated it in our head and ended up going way beyond that estimate. With the Gant chart we are able to layout projects for each day and be a bit more realistic with our workload.

The queue can be found here:
We are aware that we have a lot on our plate currently, we are working on as many things as we can to complete them. We had some financial hiccups which caused us to open for more commissions to avoid some huge consequences. Commissions will remain closed until we complete what’s owed unless another emergency occurs. We want to thank everyone for their wonderful patience with us!

Author: Xesh

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