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Greetings everyone!

We will be removing planned schedules for now until we feel confident in the time frame again. At the moment we are doing our best to complete a fursuit in time for Anthrocon this week, so our focus is currently on this project until it’s completed. The last two weeks have been slow for us due to a burn-out and being sick for a week, however we are back to work this week and will be completing what we can!

The two partial slots have been claimed, and with that a personal stress factor has been cleared to not hinder with any further delays. It’s a huge relief on our end since it was super time sensitive and we want to thank everyone who has shared the sales, bought something from our Etsy store and of course thank those who claimed the partial slots!

The head bases we had on sale on Etsy have been temporarily removed as the current mold is no longer usable. We are going to re-make the mold this week so that we can continue listing them for sale to the public. The new mold will have a much smoother texture since we learned a few techniques to smooth it out better, which also means that the mold should last longer than the current one. A how-to-use guide will be made together with the mold, and will be provided to the base sales so that it will be easier on them to use!

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