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Progress, schedule & other updates

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Progress Last Week
★ Completed DXSaturn’s head.
★ Completed Dai.Dai’s head.
★ Completed Silverwolf1122’s armsleeves.
★ Completed Zephiro’s bodysuit.
★ Sketch for JonBergstrom7.
★ Sketch for _Novard_
★ Sketch for PonderBeaver
★ Sketch for Arios

Schedule this week
★ Monday: Complete Silverwolf1122 commission.
★ Tuesday: Complete NanoPoke commission.
★ Wednesday: Complete remaining pieces for Licky_Lucky_Latrans
★ Thursday: Sketch FluffyHowl’s commission.
★ Friday: Sketch some of the multi-slot YCHs.

Unfortunately I (Xesh) personally got sick over the weekend, so I’m not sure how much I will be able to complete in terms of artwork or work on fursuit commissions. I will still push myself to get at least some digital artwork completed, so that’s why there’s such minimal work for each day. I still need to get around to take photos of all the progress and completed suits so I will try to get to that this week with Shu! I’ll have him wear the stuff since I don’t want to touch stuff while I’m sick. That’s also the reason no fursuit work is listed, I won’t touch fursuit stuff until I’m feeling better.

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