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Progress, Commissions Open & Schedule June 3 – June 7

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Progress log last week.

Greetings everyone! Last week was a bit slow as expected but we still got some things done!

★ Elixrimutt cel-shaded piece. (This took three more days than expected.)
★ Terra_Bites icon.
★ Licky_Lucky_Latrans’s Badge.
★ GrineX partial fix with new eyes and all.

Made progress on
★ Renlu’s reference (waiting on approval before finalizing.)
★ DXSaturn’s head new eyes and ear cutting, couldn’t complete due to missing minky, will arrive today however to complete this week!
★ Hairdo for Dai.Dai’s head.
★ Licky_Lucky_Latrans sketches for all pieces.
★ TamaskaKitsu multi-character piece sketch.
★ NanoPoke sketch.
★ RodrickRosewood sketch.
★ Silverwolf1122 sketch.

Commissions Open

Commissions are now open for artwork and fursuits PARTS. Heads will not be offered this time as they take too long to complete. However, we will make ONE exception slot which will run on the pricier side; A complete digitigrade fullsuit for $3300 including shipping. The slot information is located here.

Head over to our pricing page for fursuits and artwork for their corresponding inquiry forms! Each box is clickable for further information.

Schedule for this week.

★ Prepare Etsy orders.
★ Add defect enamel pins to Etsy shop for discount price, as well as bundle package.
★ Tidy up Terms pages and add Commission Progress for artwork.
★ Sketch not-started commissions (most if not all).

★ Mail Etsy orders.
★ Finalize details for Dai.Dai’s head.
★ Complete DXSaturn’s head. (We were waiting on a minky shipment to finish this.)

★ Finalize Dawn’s feetpaws.
★ More progress on Neliah’s bodysuit with sewing spots.

★ Finalize Zephiro’s bodysuit.
★ Work on Marty’s refurbishment.

★ Add hair to Neliah’s head.
★ Complete Zephiro’s handpaws.
★ Cut new feetpaw pieces for Zephiro.

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