May 27 - 31 Schedule + General update

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May 27 – 31 Schedule + General update

Posted by: Xesh
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Greetings everyone! Today is our day off for holiday reasons, but we completed a couple sketches for the artwork queue regardless to get that going!
We haven’t really posted any fursuit progress but so far from last week progress was made on:
* GrineX complete new liners for plush arms and re-stuffed them.
* GrineX re-installed jawset and made new eye blanks.
* Neliah’s armsleeves were completed.
* Arios Sticker completed.
* Tarron sketched, colored and shaded headshot commission completed.
* WindchimeCat sketches, colored and shaded headshot commission completed.
* X2 badges for RoxasYeen.
* Linework and colors for Elixirmutt
* Linework and colors for RyshokkaSyre

This week we will make a bit of slow progress, but will get certain things done for sure! For that reason, there won’t be a set schedule for each day, instead, make a list for the week.
So for this week, we plan to:
* Complete Dai.Dai’s head with the remaining airbrushing.
* Complete GrineX’s fix.
* Complete Marty’s refurbishment.
* Complete Dawn’s feetpaws. (Measurements were received so this can be continued.)
* Complete DXSaturn’s partial, still need to make some placeholder eyes to choose from instead. (We weren’t too happy with the final shape.)
* Complete Elixirmutt’s cel-shaded commission.
* Complete RyshokkaSyre’s cel-shaded commission.

We apologize for the delay in responses, we have been doing our best to keep working to complete as much as we can! We will get back to your emails and notes as soon as we’re able to, thank you for your patience!

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