May 20 - 24 Schedule

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May 20 – 24 Schedule

Posted by: Xesh
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  • Monday: 
    ★ Line and color Elixirmutt’s art piece.
    ★ Line and color RyshokkaSyre’s art piece.
    ★ Mailing remaining enamel pin orders as well as head bases and other shipping-related items.
  • Tuesday:
    ★ Marty refurbishment: Strip fur from head base, make foam work even and sew a new liner, will attempt more work if time is available.
  • Wednesday:
    ★ GrineX complete fix for partial; New hand liner for arm, fix eyes.
    ★ Replace DX’s ears, maybe rework the eyes a bit where we can since we feel like they’re a little bit off.
  • Thursday:
    ★ Sew remaining spots and rosettes on Neliah’s arm sleeve, completing them as a set.
  • Friday: 
    ★ Replace teeth for longer ones for Dai.Dai and attempt completion of the head this day.

Some work from last week couldn’t be worked on or completed due to not receiving measurements or other info in time! So these are on hold until the info we need has been provided.

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