May 13 - 17 Schedule

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May 13 – 17 Schedule

Posted by: Xesh
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  • Monday:
    ★ 1 fursuit reference sheet.
    ★ Prepare Etsy orders for shipping. (Pins and bases.)
  • Tuesday:
    ★ Blue cut handpaws and tails pieces.
    (Due to an appointment this day there won’t be a lot of work.)
  • Wednesday:
    ★ Complete Neliah’s arm sleeves with spots and rosettes.
  • Thursday:
    ★ Complete Dai.Dai’s head.
  • Friday:
    ★ Complete Dawn’s feetpaws.
    ★ Mail Etsy orders, trades and any other shipping-related items.

If there is time left it will be spend on completing artworks from the queue. There aren’t many pieces left so once those are done there can be full focus on fursuit making!
As a reminder we put bare minimum tasks for each day so that we can have some planning ahead.

Author: Xesh

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