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We all hate fine print, but please! Read these terms.

1. General

  1. ALLERGY WARNING: We own cats and cannot guarantee suits to be free of cat hair!
  2. Must be 18 years or older to commission us.
  3. We have the right to decline and terminate commissions at any given time (see Section 2: Payment about refunds).
  4. All contact will be made through email only. All other forms of contact will be ignored.
  5. We retain the right to showcase photos of any in-progress and completed projects.
  6. Projects that need to remain private will be charged an additional 200% of the total price.
  7. We will not accept commissions involving copyrighted characters or characters that seem out of place for our style.

2. Payment

  1. We only accept PayPal for online transactions. Cash is an acceptable form of payment only at events we are attending (a physical receipt of payment will be provided in-person).
  2. All payments are to be made in United States Dollars (USD).
  3. Payment plans are only accepted for items exceeding $250.00:
    a) A 30%, non-refundable, deposit is required prior to installments.
    b) Minimum installment plans are either: $100 bi-weekly or $200 monthly.
    c) Payments exceeding the minimum will be deducted from the next installment.
  4. Each late payment will result in a $5.00 penalty towards the missed installment. Only one warning will be given.
  5. Deposits are non-refundable, in neither form of payment/materials.
  6. Only installment payments are subject to refunds in the form they were given.
  7. Any deposit/down payment not paid within seven days of invoicing(unless stated otherwise), will result to permanently terminating the commission and any future request thereof.
  8. If progress on the project has been made, refunds are a subject to how much work has been completed.
    Customer has the option of a refund of the installments, or partial refund and get unfinished work shipped to them.
  9. If a refund is provided, we retain the right to complete the project and sell the finished product(s).
  10. Refunds can take a variable amount of time to process. Estimates are:
    <$200 will take a month.
    $200 – $500 will take 4 months.
    ​$500+ will take 5 months and up.

3. Measurements

  1. All measurements are to be provided in inches.
  2. The following measurements are required:
    ​Handpaws: A trace of your hand halfway to elbow, with added measurements.
    ​Armsleeves: Measurements from the measurement page.
    Feetpaws: Pair of shoes, no open toes like sandals.
    Bodysuit: Duct Tape Dummy
    ​You can find instructions on the measurements page as to how and where to measure.
  3. A new duct tape dummy may be required if the one provided is inaccurate or unusable.
  4. A $50.00 fee will be charged if your DTD isn’t taped back together as instructed.
  5. Measure everything twice, just to be sure, to avoid inaccurate measurements.

4. Queue

  1. Our project queue can be found here.
  2. The queue will be completed in the order it is listed, but is subject to change (see Section 5: Deadlines).
  3. Customers will be appended to the queue once the commission has been fully paid.
  4. Work will only be started once everything is paid off.
  5. Customers have the option to forego queue placement by paying a deadline/rush fee.
  6. Smaller tasks, such as tails, handpaws, etc., may be done in between larger ones (e.g. partials/fullsuits).
  7. Project completion can span from two months to two years depending on queue length and the number of added deadlines.


  1. We only accept deadline commissions if we feel confident in our ability to complete them by the requested date.
  2. Deadline/rush projects cost extra, see below for pricing.
  3. Deadline fees are to be paid at least one month prior to a deadline date. Partials and fullsuits require a notice at least two months prior to a deadline date. International customers require an additional one month due to customs.
  4. Deadline fees are subject to different refund conditions. Customers have the option to either:
    a) Continue with their current queue placement and be reimbursed 20% of the deadline fee.
    b) Be placed back in their proper slot and be reimbursed the entire deadline fee.
  5. Estimates are NOT deadlines, they are rough guesses. Estimates are based on how other projects seem to be progressing at that time.Fee pricing:
    Within 1 month: Additional 80% of total price.
    Fullsuits and partials are not eligible for this option.
    Within 3 months: Additional 50% of total price.

    Anything beyond 3 months: Additional 30%-45% of total price.

6. Changes/Adjustments/Specifications

  1. All information submitted in a quote form will be assumed to be correct. Corrections will need to be provided by the customer before work is started, and is subject to a change in price.
  2. Customers may change simple patterns or colors before a project is started and materials are ordered.
  3. Changes in complexity or design may result in additional fees or project cancellation.
  4. Revisions to completed work are subject to approval and fees, unless we are at fault.
  5. Specific fabrics desired by the customer should be specified as soon as they receive their quote. Otherwise, we will show a few fabric options to choose from and am not liable to manufacturing complications (e.g. variance in dyes, texture, ply, etc..)
    Should a customer decide on fur exceeding $30.00 a yard, additional fees will apply.

7. Warranty

  1. Completed suits have a 90-day warranty. (see Section 7.3 about unauthorized modifications)
  2. Requested repairs beyond the 90-day warranty are subject to repair costs.
  3. The 90-day warranty is subject to termination if unauthorized modifications have been made to the product(s).
  4. Shipping is to be covered by the customer from and to Cawstumes.
  5. Repairs prompted by mishandling a completed product (e.g. tearing off an ear during roughhousing) may result in warranty termination.
  6. We are not responsible for injuries acquired while using the fursuit.

8. Shipping

  1. We ship worldwide.
  2. Shipping cost is not included in the quote or any of the listed prices on our pricing page.
  3. We ship with USPS and all packages will require signature confirmation within the US.
  4. A tracking number will be provided for each shipment.
  5. We are not responsible for custom fees; the customer is responsible for understanding their import laws.
  6. We are not responsible for lost shipment. Each item is insured up to the cost of the project by shipping companies, they are liable and will cover loss and damages.
  7. Shipping will be done through our PO Box. Local pick-up/drop-offs are not available, contact us for delivery at events we attend.
  8. Projects are only shipped once completed; we will not ship individual parts.


All contact will be made through our email address.

Responses can take up to 5 business days. Any other form of contact other than email is considered invalid in the terms of the commission process, and will not be read.



By sending us the completed quote, you hereby agree that you have read, and agree to, our Terms of Service.



Shipping is NOT included in any of the listed prices.

Shipping is added when sending the invoice.


Small Items:

$5-10 within the US

$15-20 outside of the US

$50 to Australia


Bigger Items:

$12-35 within the US

$50-150 outside of the US

$150-300 Australia