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23 Jul
New Queue Update
Category: Uncategorized
Greetings everyone! We have noticed that Trello had a new upgrade available which is named Planyway. It’s similar to a Gant chart where you can assign certain projects for...
15 Jul
Updates, set schedule & more 7/15/2019
Category: Schedules, Updates
Greetings everyone! We took a small mini break from social media, originally we wanted to cut it off completely to save time, but instead checked it a lot less than we usually d...
24 Jun
Category: Uncategorized
Greetings everyone! We will be removing planned schedules for now until we feel confident in the time frame again. At the moment we are doing our best to complete a fursuit in t...
10 Jun
Progress, schedule & other updates
Category: Uncategorized
【Progress Last Week】 ★ Completed DXSaturn’s head. ★ Completed Dai.Dai’s head. ★ Completed Silverwolf1122’s armsleeves. ★ Completed Zephiro’s bodysuit. ...
03 Jun
Progress, Commissions Open & Schedule June 3 – June 7
Category: Schedules, Updates
Progress log last week. Greetings everyone! Last week was a bit slow as expected but we still got some things done! 【Completed】 ★ Elixrimutt cel-shaded piece. (This took three...
03 Jun
Blog page bugged.
Category: Uncategorized
We hope this shows up on the page still, but the page seems to be bugged for some reason.Please bear with us as we’re trying to fix this as soon as possible!
28 May
May 27 – 31 Schedule + General update
Category: Schedules, Updates
Greetings everyone! Today is our day off for holiday reasons, but we completed a couple sketches for the artwork queue regardless to get that going! We haven’t really post...
20 May
May 20 – 24 Schedule
Category: Schedules
Monday: ★ Line and color Elixirmutt’s art piece. ★ Line and color RyshokkaSyre’s art piece. ★ Mailing remaining enamel pin orders as well as head bases and other shi...
20 May
May 13-17 Re-cap
Category: Updates
The following projects were completed:★ 7 Fursuit Reference Sheets.★ 1 cel-shaded piece for Juustus.★ 1 Armsleeve for Neliah. The following projects were made progress on:★ Othe...
15 May
New Queue
Category: Uncategorized
We have decided to merge both artwork and fursuit queues together to make things easier on our side! The new queue is located here. If you are missing from the queue, please sen...
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